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OArtsLab is a Web3 Company born in 2021/2022 that “aim to build the future of NFTs” on BNB Chain.

We are a registered company in Italy with the Vat Number (P.IVA) 08676940722.

Every saturday 2 collections are picked to win two random NFTs from the OArtsLab Vault.

On sunday we pick 1 winner from each of this two collections that will win the prizes.

Also on sunday 2 NFTs from all collections are picked to win 500 $OAL each.

$OAL is an utility token without liquidity exclusive only to OArtsLab NFT holders.

As this token hasn’t liquidity it can’t be tradable in any DEX or CEX.

$OAL can be used in the OArtsLab HUB DApp to start to earn via decentralized staking pools and more utilities.

  • Weekly Raffles
  • Minting OArtsLab NFTs
  • Sweeping OArtsLab NFTs
  • Holding rare OArtsLab NFTs

The “Claim System” is a decentralized app (DApp) that allows to claim $OAL or $BNB from a decentralized smart contract.

To interact with this system you have to be a holder of OArtsLab NFTs as it’s an exclusive product for our community.

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OArtsLab | P.IVA 08676940722